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The Yogidetox is about nourishment,
not deprivation. 

 Most of my clients come to the Yogidetox ready for a shift, ripe for a change,
tired of their own b.s. 

If this is you,
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Cate Stillman

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  • Are curious if you could feel better?

  • Do you feel like you need more discipline to create better habits?

  • Would like to find and maintain your ideal body weigh?

  • Are you discouraged by habits you don’t think you can change?

  • Do you need healthier cravings?

  • Do you wake up wishing your day was different?

  • Do you need more time for what you want to do?

  • Do you long for the day you wake up feeling great, on top of your life, in tune with your body, and at -ease in your positive daily routines? 

Change can be hard. If you go it alone, it's 10x harder. You might think you don’t have it in you. 

You think you need enormous willpower and discipline to make deep changes.

The good news is:

There is an easier way to take up better habits, change your cravings, and live in sync with your body.

You need a detox that meets you right where you are at. Now.

The current pace of life is faster than it’s ever been. We need specific skills and habits to feel great. Chances are, if you don’t have these habits you feel less than vibrant. If you’re not leaning into your edge of vibrant health, chances are, you could have more energy and healthier cravings than you currently experience. You might even be able to shift the way you age and enable all of your body parts to last longer and feel better.




2002 was a while back, and since then I've been leading a detox twice a year. I started by guiding Yoga students + teachers through a traditional Ayurvedic clenase. Over the years, we've evolved. The Yogidetox evolves with each turn of the wheel.

We have a dynamic, evolutionary approach to upleveling to a higher vibration. 

What you should know about me is that I'm innovative and practical. I have a kid and a husband. I eat thistle fresh when it's in season and dried when it's not.

I'll take your nutrient uptake to the next level, diversify your diet and help you crave what your body needs.

I'll also get you aligned into a routine that optimizes time and space in your day to day life. 

When you're ripe for change, you're ripe. Delay and you fall from the vine. Pick yourself. Raise your hand. Jump in with both feet. Let's get on it.

Sign up now, and be lead via my audio and video course to your inbox. I'll know you signed up and I'll meet you on the forum with our Yogidetox mentors. 

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Twice a year the Yogidetox Tribe from around our green Earth shows up to Yogidetox together.

A group momentum of support bolsters a deep and lasting transformation individually, and a collective upleveling.

The theme for the October Yogidetox is Sukha inside + out. We're clearing out physical environment inside and out. It's going to be big, people.  
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  • You can be a beginner.
  • You can be an expert.
  • I'll guide you deep into your intuition.
  • The Yogidetox Mentors and I will support your journey.
  • You will go on an exploration within. In the process you'll gain tools that will fundamentally and absolutely change the way you age.



During the Yogidetox you'll uplevel your body, but also your kitchen.

You'll start better routines in your kitchen to nourish yourself. You'll clean up your act on a number of levels. Your cravings will grow smarter. You'll purge the stuff that is taking up space and not earning it's rent.

After a decade of teaching detoxes I know that your habits determine your health. The Yogidetox focuses on creating better habits in 3 short weeks. You’ll change what you are eating. You’ll change when go to bed. You’ll change what you watch, what you listen to. You’re going to press the reset button.

Then, after 3 short weeks, a new momentum will be established. You’ll be waking up earlier with great energy. You’ll be craving foods that light up your cells. You’ll be in the flow of better health. It’s really quite simple.

This new integrity is within your reach. And the good news is that you can make lasting changes in your cravings, your habits, your diet, and your energy level in three short weeks.


In the Yogidetox you'll experience how nature is trying to nourish + nutirfy + relax you.


Lynne Patterson

“My experience of the Yogidetox led to an amazing break through. I have been troubled with hot flashes for the past 6 years.

After going on the Yogidetox with Cate, eating my main meal in the afternoon and just light soups or juices at night, I began to sleep better and the flashes disappeared!! Holy Hot Flashes, Bat Man!!

I was completely blown away. I
 have dropped 8 pounds without any effort at all.”

Jackie Prete

Yoga teacher trainer

CEO GO Grounded - Kids Yoga

“Other programs focus solely on “what” to eat or “what” to do. Cate teaches this and  “when” to eat, sleep, exercise and work in order to optimize your health. The extent of her knowledge is so vast and so very deep.

Another aspect of this course that I love, is Cate’s focus on coaching us to accumulate personal experience, not just intellectual knowledge. As I make the recommended changes, I feel more alive. I have more energy to pursue my dreams. I have more consistent energy levels through-out the day. I am exploring my mind-body complex in a much deeper way.”

“I can’t believe all the changes I have seen in the past three weeks!

I came into this as someone who had most of the intellectual knowledge I needed to begin to heal my body. 

Unfortunately, this knowledge did not translate into practice. I had some kind of block against actually following through with anything.  I was  at my breaking point. I was extremely overweight (about 100 pounds), depressed, tired all the time, acne prone, lethargic and caffeine and sugar addicted. I embraced the Yogidetox and immediately began making changes.

I have lost a total of 14 pounds so far and I have more so much more energy. I am starting to feel at home in my body, instead of fighting against it and putting it down. I am craving things that are good for my body. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reconnect with myself!”

Prakasa Yoga 

Amy Haysman

Make Your Decision.

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“We have truly transformed the way my husband eats (he lost 20+ lbs and his migraines) and I'm eating better as well (although it was a short hop for me). I wanted to let you know that I blogged about the experience. Yeah!”

“Cate’s passion for the nexus of Ayurveda, Anusara Yoga, and Living Foods movement made this cleanse a powerful mind-body-spirit experience. Her ten years of experience with leading cleanses was obvious in the breadth of resources provided and her support for every individual's unique cleansing path. Not to mention, I feel great! I lost 15 lbs!.”


Sally Ann Philipps

Bridget Lyons Yoga 

“Dear Cate, I can't tell you how much gratitude I have for all that you have offered me. I feel so blessed to have overheard Jenn talking about your Yogidetox several years ago – and now, my life an attitude toward food has changed tremendously. My husband (Jason) and I often remind each other of your comments about feeling full from the prana in food, not the food itself. I feel so light and full of energy eating my smoothies! Thank you so much for being my teacher and for reflecting back to all of us what we often can not see for ourselves.”


Bridget Lyons

Cherie Lucier

Make Your Decision.

When are your starting?

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